Let's understand the different methods a Server can handle load/connections:

  1. Simple blocking server (everything handled by Main Thread)
  2. Threaded blocking server (Every req handled by a different Thread)
  3. Threaded pool blocking servers(Using executorService to handle Requests)
  4. Java NIO blocking(Single-threaded model, using NIO API)
  5. Java NIO non-blocking pooling (Polling at every…

This article covers the difference in threads and Asyncs, using Asyncs, stopping them, and avoiding memory leaks associated with them.

The basic idea of why Android released Asynctasks was to perform non-UI tasks on worker threads, and leaving the UI tasks for important stuff(UI rendering) only. But what was the…

Introduced by Uncle Bob, although it may seem a bit complex at first, you can't resist following it if you get a hold of it. So what's the Clean architecture all about?

You must have come across the following diagram, wrt to Clean arch. The infamous onion diagram:

So what's…

You must have come across these data structures- Heap/Queues/Priority Queues. Why do we need Priority Queues when we have Queues. And also heaps are referred to as priority queues, then are they same? What's the difference between queues/Priority Queues and Heaps/Priority Queues? Let's discuss these.


These are very easy to…

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